Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Where is what in the database?

Ever wondered where things are being stored in the database? Or do you need to check that your web part contains the right information?
I've been struggling to get a good overview of the different databases and their tables. Now I've finally found it. And this it's Microsoft themselves who comes to the rescue!

Check out the Databases reference here:

This reference contains information on all tables (both content database tables and configuration database tables) and stored procedures.

Also check out Ethan Bertsch's blog post on the content database: Inspecting The SharePoint Content Database. It contains information on the most common used tables, as well as some SQL scripts on common queries. But the best part is the excellent database diagram of the content database. Thanks, Ethan.

Finally, to repeat what cannot be said often enough:
Direct editing in the SharePoint databases is NOT supported by Microsoft, and should therefore never be done. If you however need to, make sure you BACKUP your databases or farm before doing so.

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