Friday, May 25, 2007

PDC 2007 postponed

I was really looking forward to attend this year's PDC. But late on Thursday May 24 2007, Microsoft announced the cancellation of this year's conference.

For those who haven't heard about it, PDC (Professional Developer Conference) is a conference solely for developers. Its function is to present the latest on development tools and technologies coming out from Microsoft in the future.

However, since many of the new tools and platform technologies already exist among developers as betas and CTPs (Windows Server 2008, SQL Server "Katmai", Visual Studio "Orcas" and SilverLight), Microsoft chose to postpone the event until further notice.

Instead of waiting for it to be rescheduled and since it is a bit late to register and attend Tech Ed 2007, here's some alternative conferences for you to attend this fall:

For more information, check the official PDC 2007 web page, and this article at ZDNet.

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